You Don’t Bring Me Money Anymore

There’s a rumor being reported by Billboard that Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand will be teaming up for a nationwide concert tour.

A planned tour by Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond could set a new record for high ticket prices, Billboard reported Thursday. The duo has been guaranteed approximately $3.5 million per show, putting estimates for tickets to be $300 to $400 on the low end, an unidentified source told Billboard magazine.

VIP packages could sell for $3,000 or more, some industry executives said.

Streisand and Diamond, who collaborated on the 1978 No. 1 hit “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers,” reunited for the first time in 24 years last June for a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Diamond’s last tour, in 2001-2002, grossed $80 million.

Streisand is credited with breaking the $300 ticket barrier in the early 1990s and reportedly has charged as much as $750 per ticket in recent years.

The diva grossed $18.2 million for two 1999 New Year’s Eve shows to ring in the new millennium at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Insiders predict the proposed tour will be successful.

“Streisand and Diamond is the ultimate 60-year-old show,” an unidentified industry executive said.

I’m not 60, but I’ll be there. Considering I write Diagnosis Murder novels, this admission can’t come as a big surprise to anyone. I also wear Depends… for the comfort.

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Bring Me Money Anymore”

  1. Well “Holly Holy”…doesn’t it feel good to fess up
    that you like the “Beautiful Noise” of Neil! I’m not
    60 either…but I haven’t missed a Toronto concert in 30+ years. I still have 17 albums and one unopened
    “Beautiful Noise” album which I’d love to hear again…but the phonograph was ditched years ago.

  2. Wow… someone who thinks fanfic is a waste of time is going to spend another evening with Neil Diamond.
    At least fanfic is free!


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