You Don’t Even Have to Read Between the Lines

I got this email today:

My name is Diana. I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of Morgan James Publishing? If so, what do you think?

All it takes is 30 seconds on their site to discover that they are just another vanity
press — you pay them to have your manuscript printed in
book form. A real publisher pays you.

Once your manuscript has been accepted, our professional staff guides
you through the publication process. We don’t charge a huge price for
services, and our costs are clear so you know exactly what you are
getting prior to submitting your manuscript. After publication, we
offer marketing support that helps you find the audience for your book.

What more do you need to know?  That says it all.  Get out your credit card and you, too, can be a "published author."

11 thoughts on “You Don’t Even Have to Read Between the Lines”

  1. I think I would have told Diana this, If you are really serious about publishing get involved in a writers group. You can find people in your neighborhood who are published. That’s what I’m doing. We have a large group, usually about twenty-five people show up per meeting. We have several people published by both the traditional and POD methods.

  2. I would have asked Diana, “Can you find any books in your local bookstore that were put there by the publisher in question?”
    In my opinion, some writers groups are more hurtful to an author’s career than helpful…but that would depend on the membership and their true knowledge of the publishing industry.

  3. And to elaborate on west’s comments here, “true knowledge” would not come from flitting from one POD vanity press to another four and five times expecting different results. Many online groups are exactly this.

  4. I am actually in a writer’s group and it’s lots of fun. It’s just I was sent this info in my e-mail and on the website they didn’t list the prices like vanity press do right off the bat. I was just just wondering if Jeff had ever heard of it. I read Jeff’s website all the time, so I know NOT to give any of my money (if I had some). I am going the traditional route. I told the guy I wasn’t sending any money. Haven’t heard from him since.
    As for the writer’s group, I have been hurt, but I am much much stronger. I have realized that only I can stop myself from being published.

  5. Who is Jeff? Do you mean Lee??
    And even if the prices weren’t listed, I visited the site and it’s instantly obvious that they are a vanity press. How could you not have noticed??

  6. In my group at least once a month someone asks if they have heard of some publishing co.and what we think of that company. The one thing that every published writer in our group stresses, is make sure your manuscript is as perfect as it can be. There are several smaller groups that are helping to edit other people’s works with different area such as grammer/spelling and content.
    I will admit that like anything check out the writer’s group before really getting involved as there are some bad ones out there. But I know that when I finally start sending my manuscript to publishers I have someone who is willing and able to give the best advice they can. My group also has speakers, one that I’m really looking forward to is a lawyer and an acountant who work strictly with writers.

  7. Yes, I’m sorry, I meant Lee. I apologize for that. I’m a new writer so of course I will overlook something. It’s not like I have 100 years in the industry. That’s why I asked the question.

  8. I forgot to add that when I Googled the site the link didn’t take me to the first page. So that is how I overlooked it. I was always told that no matter what whether the contract is from a traditional or vanity to always ask questions anyway.
    I had NO intention of paying money. But, that was funny what Lee said about whipping out the credit card. No way, the card is high enough. I read this site to educate myself and I’ve learned about PublishAmerica, Tate, AuthorHouse, but I’d never heard of Morgan Publishing. So, I was basically just asking if he’d heard anything from the readers here which is what I should have said. But, like I said I’m still learning everyday.
    GMW, are you talking about a critique group? The reason why I am asking is because I know critique groups like to be separate from Q & A groups.


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