Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

That’s the title of my friend HelenKay Dimon‘s widely-acclaimed romance novel, now out in a mass-market edition. If the title alone doesn’t make you pick up the book, the punchy back-cover copy will:

Annie Parks came to Hawaii to gather information and settle a score, not spend time handcuffed to a sexy stranger’s bed. Okay, so this particular stranger saved her from drowning after she was pitched overboard by some goons. And he’s about six feet of hard, Hawaiian muscle and gorgeous cool that’s making forgotten parts of her say, “A-lo-ha!” She needs to stay focused, but a side dish of Kane Travers is awfully tempting.
Kauai Police Chief Kane Travers is not a vacation kind of guy. So it figures that when Internal Affairs suspended him, he’d end up rescuing a sarcastic, dishonest, extremely hot redhead who is clearly hiding something. Amnesia? Yeah, right. Kane’s got half a mind to give Miss Whoever She Is something she’ll never forget. His cop senses tell him that the lady’s in deep and needs his protection. But how can he get her to tell him anything when his mouth won’t stop covering hers?

If YOUR MOUTH DRIVES ME CRAZY is half as much fun as the jacket copy, you’re in for a treat. You can win a free copy at Alison Kent’s blog just by telling her something about your mouth…but you’d better hurry, the drawing ends on Monday, March 2 at 8 p.m. CST.

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