Home on the Range

I’ve just returned from another whirlwind trip to Cologne, Munich, and Berlin, where I met with the network honchos at ProSieben, RTL and Sat 1 with my good friends at Action Concept, the production company behind the long-running, hit German series ALARM FOR COBRA 11 (among others). I had a great time, though I am exhausted and suffering from a major case of jet lag that started over a week ago and hasn’t let up. My Tivo is bulging with shows I missed while I was away (including the DEADWOOD finale) but I am too tired to sit in front of a TV. In fact, I am fighting sleep as I type these very words….

4 thoughts on “Home on the Range”

  1. It’s your basic, generic fireball… several cars have blown up in an accident on the autobahn…another one goes flying through the fireball towards the news chopper covering the police chase.

  2. And when is DER KLOWN going to make it over here on DVD?
    Action-Concept has plenty of production value in their shows – I’m glad to see that they’re consulting with you in order to make more ‘international’ shows…


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