Morons at the Gate

There are signs everywhere (and TSA personnel) telling you not to bring liquids on the plane, to remove your shoes, and to take your laptop out of your bag to go thru security…and yet there are still people who *don’t* do this, turning the security check into a crawl. Is it really that difficult to comprehend? Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

4 thoughts on “Morons at the Gate”

  1. Although I am better than most, I am one of those travelers (I fly less than once per year) whose brain gets left over at baggage check. I almost always place my flight ticket in the x-ray tray. The last time I did this I mentioned my error to the super-secuirty alpha-male guard who then sneered at me and said “I guess you like to make people wait.” – on one hand he was right for calling me out and I felt this small, but on the other he was such a jerk about it that I wanted to call him out, but I did not feel like being on the unpopular end of a dsa rectal search that morning so I kept my mouth shut. Lesson learned!

  2. My mother still won’t relinquish her precious water or remember to take off her shoes. And then says, “I don’t fly much.” Oh yeah, and THEN she hops into the frequent traveler area and yells at me for throwing out her precious water.
    The last time she pulled this, I wanted to say, “This is your third time flying this year, Mother.”
    Unfortunately, some people are idiots. And I’m related to ’em.

  3. Anyone remember when flying was an Event? When men wore suits and ties, women wore dresses or skirts, the food (even in Coach) was a treat, and the whole experience was enjoyable and fun?


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