Mr. Goldberg Goes to Hawaii

As you read this, I am on my way to Hawaii with my family to attend Left Coast Crime 2009, where I will be serving a toastmaster and speaking on several panels. Fun, sun, and mystery novels. It doesn't get any better than that. Paradise in Paradise. I am truly a lucky man.  

I have to thank my publishers, Penguin, for donating copies of "Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii" for the attendees…and the USA Network for sponsoring the book-bags that everybody will be toting. 

The authors attending include Barry Eisler, Vicki Hendricks, Rhys Bowen, Jan Burke, Dana Stabenow, Laurie King, and local boy Lono Waiwaiole, one of my favorite authors of dark noir.

I don't know how often I'll be able to blog, so forgive me if things slow down here over the next week…

5 thoughts on “Mr. Goldberg Goes to Hawaii”

  1. If you have some free time, your daughter might enjoy a visit to the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. It is not too far from your resort – on the other side of the airport, towards Kona. It is one of only six seahorse farms in the world. Not a big place, but an interesting one.
    It is really cool when you stick your hands in the tank and the seahorses wrap their tails around your fingers. They purr! Who knew?! (If you go, don’t wear sunscreen on your arms. You’ll have to scrub your arms when you get there – but I always suggest to people that they leave the sunscreen off until after they leave the farm anyway.)
    You are there at a perfect time. It’s humpback whale season, too. AND, the conference sounds like a great one! Have a FABULOUS time!


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