The Shooting Script

dm3fullTwo copies of THE SHOOTING SCRIPT, the third Diagnosis Murder book, were delivered by UPS today. I was thrilled to get them, of course… but the real shocker was seeing the “sneak preview” of the first two chapters of THE WAKING NIGHTMARE at the end of the book.

What was so shocking was I only turned the manuscript in last week. Then I remembered that a couple days after my accident (the one that left me with two broken arms), I had my wife email my editor the first two chapters of my incomplete book so they could publish the tease.

Even so, it was jarring to see portions of a book I’d finished writing only last week already in print.

You can see’em for yourself on Aug 3 when THE SHOOTING SCRIPT comes out in bookstores everywhere…

3 thoughts on “The Shooting Script”

  1. Just goes to show you have one great editor who is really on top of things.
    Can’t wait for the book…!!

  2. I hope you like it — I opened it up at random and spotted two embarrassing typos. How did I miss those? How did the copyeditor miss them? Oh well… hopefully the readers will be too caught up in the story to notice I’m an imbecile!


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