.357 VIGILANTE is back…run for your lives

51-ySSZcRjL._SS500_ .357 Vigilante, the first book in my long out-of-print paperback series, is now available in a Kindle edition.

I wrote it under the pseudonym "Ian Ludlow" (so I would be on the shelf next to Robert Ludlum) back when I was a college student in the 1980s. The movie rights were sold to New World Pictures…and my career as a screenwriter was born. Alas, the movie was never made. Here's the scoop on the book:

A Man Can Only Take So Much…Before He Takes Revenge.


He lost a father, a friend, a whole way of life…now he's looking for justice down the barrel of a gun.

Brett Macklin was a freewheeling son of sunny California, a collector of vintage cars and a connoisseur of beautiful women. But when his father is gunned down by a street gang, Macklin becomes something else — a deadly weapon against crime. He won't stop until he's wiped out the rapists and killers who have turned Los Angeles into a war zone.

"As stunning as the report of a .357 Magnum, a dynamic premiere effort […] The Best New Paperback Series of the year!" West Coast Review of Books

The sequel, .357 Vigilante #2: Make Them Pay is also available on the Kindle….and will soon be followed by the other books in the series.

3 thoughts on “.357 VIGILANTE is back…run for your lives”

  1. OOOOOO Isn’t Make Them Pay the one where I wrote the ice-cream sex scene? I’m so thrilled that this will once again be available!
    Meanwhile, SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD PRIVATE EYE, by Fred Wolfson with Burl Barer is up on Kindle, too. So far we are splitting 70 cents in income. How does one do promotion for Kindle books?

  2. THIS is how you promote a Kindle book. You write about it on your blog, your Facebook page, etc. And then hope word-of-mouth takes over…
    One problem is that you don’t have a book cover…just a photo of a guy with a gun. You have to at least make an effort to have it resemble a dust jacket. Whether we like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover…even on the Kindle.


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