A Bookstore That Monk Would Never Visit

P6280127_1 We just arrived in Phoenix for Thrillerfest. On the way, we stopped in Quartzite, AZ for a hamburger and discovered the most unusual bookstore I’ve ever seen. It’s called Reader’s Oasis  and the gregarious proprietor, Paul Winer, likes to walk around the store nude. Naturally, Paul had a large selection of my books. These are my people.

I think Paul has stumbled on the perfect way for independent bookstores to compete with the big box book stores.  This idea could really catch on in L.A… if the salesclerks were all Baywatch babes.

Speaking of babes, there’s some kind of sorority or cheerleader convention going on in this very same hotel. I know some single thriller writers who are going to be very busy trying to thrill these other conventioneers. P6280128

Perhaps because of the large crowd, we lucked into an amazing, free upgrade. We are staying in a huge, third floor suite overlooking the golf course. It has a living room, full kitchen, and a giant shaded patio. We may never leave the room.

19 thoughts on “A Bookstore That Monk Would Never Visit”

  1. >”We may never leave the room.”
    “We” being you, Paul and the cheerleaders?
    Sounds like a good time – Mark

  2. FYI, Paul sells mostly USED books…. Almost Naked Bookseller, he does wear very brief shorts.
    He does buy them from readers for small amounts, but USED books are not beneficial to publishers or authors. As you all well know.
    He does handle some new books and magazines, but they make up a very small percentage. I’d say less than 10%, a lot less.

  3. I worked for Paul Winer(the naked bookseller) .Regardless of his undress he is one of the most honest ,generous and kind hearted individual you’ll ever do busness with. It isn’t a gimmick it’s Pau!

  4. Oh yeah, I stopped by the place about five years ago and bought two bags full of outstanding books. Definitelly the best book store I’he ever seen. In comparison with this friendly fella and his store, Ferlingheti’s Citylights Books in San Francisco really sucks… 🙂

  5. Lee, Quartzsite is my favorite January camping trip. Wait till you see it full of gem show…er…artifacts. I can’t believe I never knew about Oasis Books. Now I can write off the whole trip!


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