Simon and Simon

TVShowsonDVD reports that the first season of SIMON AND SIMON is coming out on DVD in October. I wonder if it will include the original, unaired pilot. Some footage from that pilot was later incorporated into another episode.  That’s the kind of stuff that makes the difference between a great DVD set and once that’s only okay.  I also wonder if the first season shows will have the original theme which, like the MAGNUM PI theme, was dropped in favor of a new one for the second season.

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  1. “Pirate’s Key” is name of it, as I recall. This is going back quite a ways, but if I remember right, the series was orignally set in Florida
    Jeeeeeeez….I don’t believe I remember that…..

  2. Yup, I remember it well! I remember watching one episode which seemed to be the pilot episode and was set for Florida around the Miami area, I think? This was about the time Mimai Vice and Hill St. Blues we’re out on NBC, than later switch to San Diego, than the reunion made for tv movie put Rick and AJ up here in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle.
    At least I still have the script here in my office, that a friend sent me as birthday present from an episode called, “Break a leg Darling”, which Anthony Newly guest starred.


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