“A Female Bourne Identity”

Variety reports that New Line Cinema has hired British mystery writer Mark Burnell to adapt his 1999 novel "The Rhythm Section," about the adventures of a female assassin, for the big screen.

New Line exec veep Mark Ordesky, shepherding the project with senior veep of
European production Ileen Maisel, describes it as "a female ‘Bourne Identity.’ "

"Rhythm Section" follows Patrick as she looks into a mysterious air crash
that took the lives of her parents and brother.

"What’s exciting is not just launching this franchise, but also the talent
discovery of Mark Burnell," Ordesky says. "We really feel he’s someone who’s
going to develop into something quite extraordinary."

6 thoughts on ““A Female Bourne Identity””

  1. There’s already been a “female Bourne identity”. It was called “the Long Kiss Goodnight” and it starred Geena Davis as an assassin with amnesia and Samuel L. Jackson as the PI who tracks her down. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

  2. What about the original Nikita? Much better and smoother running than the remake with Gabriel Burne.
    Also has a very similar background. She is a drug addict, prositute, who is arrested when a store robbery goes wrong and someone gets killed, then told she has one option left. To die and become an assassin for a secret bureau.


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