Rockin’ Rockford

059534244201_sclzzzzzzz_If you’re as into TV… and TV Private Eyes… as I am, you’ve got to buy yourself Ed Robertson’s "Thirty Years of THE ROCKFORD FILES." The book covers every aspect of the classic series, from the making of the pilot through the production of the eight reunion movies (as well as unproduced scripts and the tie-in books by Stuart Kaminsky among other things).  Robertson interviews all the key players in front of, and behind, the camera, including James Garner, Steve Cannell, Roy Huggins, and Charles Floyd Johnson, and provides detailed episode synopses.

Technically, this isn’t a new book. It’s an update and revision of two earlier books Robertson wrote about THE  ROCKFORD FILES … "This is Jim Rockford" and "The Rockford Files: A 20th Anniversary Tribute." I have both of those books, too (told you I was a geek) and, like improved software, it’s well-worth "upgrading" to this new edition.

(By the way, it’s from ASJA Press, a special publishing program through iUniverse for out-of-print books by members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors)

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  1. Can I buy the Thirty years of the rockfod files book or any cbook about the television industry specifically about Roy Huggins and/orSteven J Cannall? I recently saw a book at Barnes and Noble paperback kind of an orange cover about the television industry from the 1950’s to current and it listed Roy and Steven as well as others. I am interested in biographical or autobiographical. Please help me. I will pay you


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