A Valentine for BADGE

I got a very nice review for THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE yesterday from, of all places, Love Romances.com.  I must admit this site was new to me. The review says, in part:

Lee Goldberg is an acclaimed writer of fiction and non-fiction as well as a TV scriptwriter.  His works come across as  funny and thrilling, but THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE may well be his 
best novel ever.  His humor goes from light to rolling on the floor  laughing and may cause the people around you to wonder just what you are  reading. 

Goldberg has created a perfect character in Harvey Mapes.  He is a man who finds himself looking for more in his life, and takes the leap to find it.  When he finds himself in trouble he doesn’t run away, he goes headlong into the abyss to find out the truth behind the past.  The oversexed security guard will make readers smile and cringe before laughing out loud at his antics.

This novel comes from one of the writers of MONK,  if you think the television show is funny, this is the book for you!

What a wonderful and unexpected valentine...      

2 thoughts on “A Valentine for BADGE”

  1. I think it’s because it wasn’t your typical potboiler novel sex. He hasn’t been laid in ages and masturbates. And when he does have sex, he’s not particularly good at it. Women didn’t have multiple orgasms when he said “Hello.” That’s not the way it goes in most detective novels. The hero is spectacular in bed…and just about everywhere else, too.


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