Getting LOST

Variety reports that a whole bunch of JJ Abram’s ALIAS scribes are moving over to his show LOST, which may now have one of the largest writing staffs on episodic television. Drew Goddard, Monica Breen, and Alison Schapker have just inked two-year, seven-figure overall deals with Touchstone Television that includes working on LOST and developing new programs. Abrams is clearly loyal to, and appreciative of, the talented people he works with. I wonder if this means the Others will turn out to be members of the ALIAS cast…

2 thoughts on “Getting LOST”

  1. Maybe Sydney will parachute onto the island and start kicking Others-ass. (Or maybe the island is inside that box that Felicity’s crazy roommate kept.) But I do appreciate show-runners who “recycle” creators and actors from cancelled shows, like when Joss Whedon used actors from Firefly to play key roles in Angel and Buffy.

  2. >”like when Joss Whedon used actors from Firefly to play key roles in Angel and Buffy.”
    Actually, that was a very clever way of keeping Firefly alive. What Joss didn’t want to happen was to have Firefly get picked up after the principal actors signed onto other projects. Signing Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres to multi-episode contracts on Buffy and Angel respectively kept them tied up on projects he controlled, so he could be sure that they would be available should anything happen with Firefly.
    And as long as we’re on the subject, you do know where the above mentioned Drew Goddard got his start, right?


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