A&E Loves Casting Australians as Americans

70075067 Matt Passmore, the Australian lead of A&E's hit detective series THE GLADES, may soon have some company from down under. The network has cast Aussie Robert Taylor, best known here for his role as Agent Jones in The Matrix, as the lead in LONGMIRE,  the pilot based on my buddy Craig Johnson's terrific series of books about Walt Longmire, the sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming (not to be confused with Jim Longworth, the Florida detective in THE GLADES).

Pictured: Taylor starring in the Aussie version of BALLYKISSANGEL.

5 thoughts on “A&E Loves Casting Australians as Americans”

  1. Pedant’s Corner: it wasn’t the Aussie version of Ballykissangel, but Season 6 of the original BBC show – Taylor being familiar to UK audiences from his days in the Aussie daytime soap Home & Away

  2. Actually, that’s the original Ballykissangel. Taylor starred in the final series as an Aussie priest. It was a fun, quirky show.
    I hope this new show gets picked up.


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