Thanksgiving was death day in TV land.  TVSquad reports that ALIAS has been cancelled.

UPDATE: USA Today confirms the news. The series will end with a "big finish" in May.

"Alias is not going to wind down as it comes to an
end, it’s going to rev up, and we’re going to make it the event it deserves to
be," ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson said in a statement.

6 thoughts on “ALIAS Axed”

  1. It’s my fault! I’ve never watched the show before, and I watched it this week. This always happens!
    Any other shows you want canceled? Just let me know and I’ll watch it.
    Mark Terry

  2. It’s about time. We enjoyed the show for the first couple of years until Sydney did her disappearing act to awake in Shanghei or wherever… and it was downhill from there.
    You know, aside from seeing Jennifer Garner kick ass in scant clothing each week.

  3. I loved the show. But it’s not what it was. I’ll miss new episodes, but I’m glad it’s not going to drag out indefinitely.
    And I’m thrilled they gave everyone enough time to hopefully wrap things up. After all, I’ve been expecting this for a while. Like all season.

  4. Since I haven’t watched any episodes of it this season (and punked out on last season about midway through), I probably contributed to the show’s demise. But it still stands as one of the longest-running spy shows in TV history. (And with JJ Abrams’s habit of reusing actors, we can probably expect to see the ALIAS actors show up on LOST. They’re finding new folks from that plane all the time.)

  5. I haven’t missed an episode of the first 4 seasons. Not a single episode. No matter how craptastic season 3 was, I suffered through it all. But now all I’ve watched of season 5 is the first episode – the rest are saved on my hard drive because I have to watch Survivor! Ha!


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