Am I Blushing?

I’m flattered to say that Ed Gorman has given THE PAST TENSE, the latest DIAGNOSIS MURDER novel, a rave review on his blog.

Goldberg’s sardonic voice informs every scene and that’s what makes his people
work…This is Lee Goldberg’s best Diagnosis Murder novel yet. Serious when it needs to
be-and he does have a lot of wry things to say about LA-but unflaggingly
entertaining all the way through. I’m looking forward to the next one, THE DEAD
LETTER, which is previewed in the back of this book. And yes, in case I
didn’t mention it, he can plot with the best of them.

You can see the rest on his blog, where he also heaps praise on Terrill Lee Lankford’s newest novel (as have author James Reasoner and critic David Montgomery).

Thank you, Ed!

2 thoughts on “Am I Blushing?”

  1. Close your eyes for a moment, Lee.
    I read this a couple months back and can say that Ed is right on the money. The Past Tense is a terrific mystery; well-written, entertaining and suspenseful.
    This is the 2nd of the DM books I’ve read, after approaching them with more than a little apprehension. I was ready to sneer, I’ll confess, anticipating that they’d live up (or down) to the reputation of TV tie-in novels.
    I was very pleasantly surprised, though, to quickly learn that was not the case. The Waking Nightmare is a good book and The Past Tense is even better.
    Okay, Lee, you can open your eyes again. You didn’t miss anything.


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