Be Careful What You Blog About…

The anonymous ex-editor-turned-literary agent at the Agent 007 Blog warns authors to be very careful what you blog about.

if you’re using your real name, don’t blog about your struggles to find an
agent, or your agent’s struggles to find you a publisher, or even your struggles
to get published by the New Yorker (unless you’re
really really funny about it

Agents and editors can Google search,
too, and before we sign you, we usually do. It can be so hard to feel the
when we read that you’ve already been rejected fifty times. We know it
happens, but we don’t need to know that it happened to you. And we certainly
won’t feel comfortable sending your work to editors with that kind of info so
readily available.

So what should you be writing about? All your success. Kind of hard to do if you haven’t had any yet, but I guess the message is… don’t whine. Unless you already ARE a success, and then it’s okay.

For those of you like SnarkSpot
who have already arrived in the publishing world, however, we welcome your
stories of struggle. They remind us that the road is long, but the destination
is so worth it.

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