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  1. I think she misinterprets John Scalzi’s Rule of Fanfic.
    Fanfiction is not a cause of TV shows and movies making a pile of cash. It’s a symptom.
    If people are that devoted to your property, you’d better have a merchandizing deal.
    Yes, I’ve gotten cynical.
    And Lee, remember that Crichton/Lee/Ron slash only works if Snape is involved.
    And it’s a hurt/comfort story.
    (I think I just squicked myself. Ew!)

  2. If you are Satan, could you smote someone for me?
    I can give you a list of people in need of smote-ing, and I can promise one soul delivered to you per smote.

  3. Lessee, Satan would have the powers of darkness. Do you have the powers of darkness at your command? Oh, and horns? Got any horns? Hooves? How about those? Minions? Got any minions?
    Hey is this a trick question??????

  4. She’s got a point about the sound of us (fanfic writers and readers) not caring.
    Not sure if the rest of the commentators read that far, because it’s pretty clear that far from thinking of you as Satan, or even worthy of enemy status, she thinks you’re a sad little man.

  5. “he cannot seem to understand is that the resounding silence he hears in response to this is not the sound of us not listening, it is the sound of us not caring.”
    Resounding silence??? I guess the blogger didn’t notice the 750 comments your fanfiction posts get…or the thousands of comments out there on LiveJournal talking about you. If this is the sound of people not caring what you think, I wonder what it’s like when they do give a damn??

  6. I find it rather amusing that he ends his rant with “he hears in response to this is not the sound of us not listening, it is the sound of us not caring.”
    He obviously cared a little bit if he took the time to type that up.

  7. I know you and all the other commentators realize these people live in their own sad little world. It doesn’t matter what any of us write. They’re going to see what they want to see or interpret what you write so that it favors their viewpoint. They can’t justify what they do any other way.

  8. No one is listening? Then why did Reason Magazine write about you and your views on fanfic?
    And why are there 133 comments on your post here about them misrepresenting your views?
    This blogger is clearly, like most fanfiction writers, disconnected from reality and unconcerned with actual facts.
    What really troubles them is that people are listening to you, Lee…which is what has the fanfic crowd so scared. You’re also the one who revealed the whole Lori Jareo thing…but they have forgotten that.
    You have power and credibility and respect and your opinion counts and it scares the shit out of fanfiction crowd.

  9. http://zeil9523.livejournal.com/
    On the subject of fanfiction adding to the fame of shows well try’en follow me on this for a moment and true this is just my opinion I have no evidence to back this up. But it seems to me that a shows popularity rests solely on its fans and believe it or not but people who write fanfiction, make videos and create icons and such don’t wait for a show to become popular to like it. Take Smallville for instance, they openly admit that they play on slash- writers sensibilities because they know it adds to the fan base and thats not to say that a show won’t be popular if hundreds of people decide that it has no writing merit what-so-ever. I’m saying it will be less popular, its simple mathematics, (I’m not arrogant enough yet to think that we could actually make or break a show) but we do add to its profits.
    ( Can Mr. Goldberg write for money and still respect his own work- absolutely, do I think he does- honestly no, but that is my opinion about him. )

  10. “As far as abortion goes, I stand with one foot in the pro-choice yard and the other firmly on the fence. It is not something I think I could ever do if I was carrying a child and I do think that it is murder of a kind. But at the same time I also know that I cannot stand up and impose my views on the 3-4 billion women on the planet, I’m not them… I‘m never going to stand in their shoes and until I do I have no right commenting on their actions- it would be a cruel thing to do and I think it’s the same with how certain people deride large fan bases the way they do. Not the same level of importance I’ll give you that but the same sort of situation.
    For instance Mr. Goldberg has constantly made fun of Mpreg enthusiasts and how dare he, how is this not bigotry?”
    “you are right about the scaring thing, Lee Goldberg and quite a few of the other people about here do scare me, in very much the same way Hitler’s logic did”

  11. Am I the only person with doubts about fanfiction who doesn’t have a problem with mpreg per se? Or at least, I personally find the idea strange and distasteful, but that doesn’t mean I want to stop other people enjoying it, as long as copyright is respected.
    There’s two issues here: other people’s fetishes and the principles of copyright and authorial consent. Copyright concerns the general public, but as long as they aren’t imposing them on unwilling participants, other people’s fetishes are their own business.


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