On The Way

Howdy from the British Airways first class lounge in Heathrow. This lounge feels like a low-end Las Vegas buffet…and is more crowded than the terminal. It also smells like split pea soup. Luxurious, huh? I am grabbing a newspaper, a scone, and heading for my flight.  The next time you hear from me, I will be back in L.A., working on my tan and my jet-lag.

4 thoughts on “On The Way”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed that lounge, but of course I am a smoker and the smokers area is nice in the BA Exec lounge at Heathrow. Also every time I have been there they have been serving tomato soup so the smell didn’t bug me 🙂
    In terms of airport lounges there are much worse places to be stuck… Sherametnova (Moscow) and Norita (Tokyo) are much worse.
    Have a safe flight home.


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