An Award for the Gullible

It’s award time again in the literary world… and I’m not talking about the Hugo, The Edgar, The National Book Award, or the Pulitizer. I am talking, of course, about  the 13th Annual Writers Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

  ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be awarded $3,000
  cash and promotion in Writer’s Digest and
  Publishers Weekly,
and marketing advice from self-publishing guru Dan Poynter with six
hours of book shepherding from Poynter Book Shepherd Ellen Reid. Plus,
the editors of Writer’s
will endorse and submit 10 copies of the
  Grand Prize-Winning book to major review houses
  such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, and an excerpt will be published in Writer’s Digest. In addition, Book Marketing Works, LLC will provide a one-year membership in Publishers Marketing Association, a customized Book Market Map Directory, guaranteed distribution to bookstores and libraries through Baker & Taylor, and a guaranteed review in Midwest Book Review.

  will receive $500 cash and promotion in Writer’s
. In addition, Book Marketing Works, LLC will provide a guaranteed review in Midwest Book Review.  Plus,
all Grand Prize and First Place winners will receive book-jacket seals
to promote the award-winning status of their book, promotion on the Writer’s Digest Web site at, a copy of The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing, 4th Edition by Tom and Marilyn Ross, and a Notable Award Certificate.

  will receive promotion in Writer’s Digest, $50 worth of Writer’s Digest Books and a Notable Award Certificate.

The awards  honor the best self-published books in a number of categories…not for the year, oh no, that would be too limiting,  but of  "the last few years" (2003-2005, to be exact), which is one of the things that makes this such a prestigious, sought-after kudo.  I mean, who wouldn’t want the honor of being dubbed "The Writer’s Digest International Best Self-Published Inspirational Novel of the Last Couple of Years Or So?" And what other award gives you stickers you can put on your book yourself? Wow!

And, to honor the fact that self-published authors have paid through the nose already just to be published, Writers Digest is charging a mere $100 entry fee for the chance to win this great, great honor. I mean, the writers paid to be published, it’s only right they should pay for the opportunity to be honored, too.

It’s astonishing that some people think aspiring writers are so gullible and desperate for publication and acclaim that they’ll ring up more and more debt on their credit cards to get even the illusion of it.

Of course, they’re right.

1 thought on “An Award for the Gullible”

  1. Gulp! If there were smilies here I’d be inserting a very red-faced, bumbling idioticon…
    Okay, I admit it. I am one of those “gullible and desperate for publication and acclaim that they’ll ring up more and more debt on their credit cards to get even the illusion of it” people.
    I’ve been paying the dues for over 25 years, sending off query after query, sample after sample, and getting my hopes up that a “traditional publsiher” will see my value as a Canadian writer. I’m not getting any younger, and writing is my passion. Since publishing through Trafford, a self-publishing POD, I have actual “fans” waiting for my next book (my third due out this summer). One of my books is even being considered for a movie option. Yet I am still waiting for that big break with a BIG, recognized publisher!
    Of course, having an agent might help. But where the heck are they? I’ve been searching (patiently?)for years for an agent who is as self-motivated and passionate about representing me as I am about writing…and waiting for a ‘big house’ publisher to take a risk on me.
    Until then, there’s always that ‘one-in-a-million’ chance that I might be selected as the winner of the above contest…and win the opportunity to finally get noticed. The money wouldn’t hurt either!
    Hey, my motto the past few years has been:
    “Dare to Dream…and Dream BIG!”
    (At least I follow my own advice!)
    ~Cheryl Kaye Tardif
    aka Shameless Promoter Who Still Waits for the BIG Break!


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