Mystery News Roundup

Screenwriter Ben Ramsey has been hired to adapt James Patterson’s ROSES ARE RED for the big-screen. If the film is made, it would be the third movie starring Morgan Freeman as homicide detective Alex Cross.

After ten years of foreplay,  David James Elliott’s Harmon Rabb finally beds down Catherine Bell’s  Mac in the series finale of JAG, which CBS has decided to cancel…opting not  to continue with a re-formated version of the series with a new cast shot on the cheap in San Diego. Zap2It reports that the finale, scheduled for 9 p.m. ET April 29, will find Harm
and Mac "forced to face [their] feelings once and for all" following a
"bombshell" revelation by Gen. Cresswell.

The premiere of ABC’s private eye drama EYES tanked, coming in third for the hour, dropping 29% from its ALIAS lead-in and, more troubling, losing viewers at the half-hour mark.

4 thoughts on “Mystery News Roundup”

  1. Y’know, I forgot to watch EYES because instead I watched an episode of MONK from Season Two, “Mr. Monk Goes to The Circus”, and the season premiere of “Mystery” on PBS.
    I bad.

  2. JAG has been a favorite of mine for many years. I lost some interest when Elliott decided to leave. Couldn’t get behind Lt. Vukovic, the new hotshot, so I’m glad to see the show come to an end.

  3. I am not suprised that Eyes tanked, it looked absolutely awful. Never watched Jag (and likely won’t unless it becomes part of TNT’s “Prime Time in the Daytime” that I watch while I work).


    A friend of mine likes Eyes… Good dumb fun. Tim Daly so likable you want to smack him. Intrigue, bravado. Flashy enough that who cares if it’s not making total sense. It’s Desperate Housewives for men….


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