Appreciating Failure

Blogger Steve Thompson reviews my old book UNSOLD TV PILOTS, which is actually an abridgement of my two volume UNSOLD TELEVISION PILOTS 1955-1989. He  lists and describes some of his favorite flops collected in my book:

GOOD AGAINST EVIL-1977- the late Dack Rambo starred as a writer who
falls for…wait for it…Satan’s girlfriend, then teams up with an
exorcist to get her back, righting wrongs and solving crimes along
their way.
HIGH RISK-1976-Victor Buono, BATMAN’s King Tut and Joanna
(ISIS) Cameron as two of a group of circus performers who use their
skills to solve crimes.
Hagman as a delusional motorcycle cop who thinks he’s the world’s
greatest detective and, with the help of his female psychiatrist,
conveniently named Dr. Watson, solves crimes.

2 thoughts on “Appreciating Failure”

  1. I wish HIGH RISK had become a series just so I could have seen the lovely Joanna Cameron in another series after ISIS.
    In retrospect, ISIS wasn’t too great of a show, but to a 10 year old boy just discovering girls, ISIS was awesome!


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