Big Bucks from iUniverse

About a year ago, I shared with you my iUniverse royalty statements for some of my books, all of which were previous published titles that were reprinted, at no cost to me, through programs at the Authors Guild and Mystery Writers of America.

For those of you contemplating actually paying to get your unsold manuscripts printed in book form by iUNiverse, I thought I’d give you a reality-check by sharing with you my latest royalty statement for the period 4/1/06-6/30/06.

MY GUN HAS BULLETS   2/$24.26/25/$6.07
UNSOLD TV PILOTS          10/$89.30/30/$26.79
UNSOLD TV PILOTS v1    7/$120.75/5@25 and 2@30/$31.92
UNSOLD TV PILOTS v2    6/$95.82/25/$23.96
TOTAL:    $88.74

4 thoughts on “Big Bucks from iUniverse”

  1. Through the Authors Guild back-in-print program, I have fifteen titles at iUniverse. My check came to $58.16. At least they’re in print.


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