The Last Word

Dmlw3Here’s is the cover for DIAGNOSIS MURDER #8: THE LAST WORD, coming out next Spring. It’s likely, as the title suggests, to be the final book in the series…and I can promise you that it’s a worthy finale.  Dr. Mark Sloan and company face an old adversary and their biggest challenge yet.

6 thoughts on “The Last Word”

  1. I’m with Mark. I’m going to miss these books. While it’s great you’re still going to be doing Monk novels, the “Diagnosis: Murder” books have really been great fun for me and I will be sad to not have new ones.
    And just for the record, I haven’t been yearning for Steve hurt/comfort stories or the great Jesse pregnancy storyline. 🙂

  2. Last one? Dang, that’s sad news. I’ve become hooked on the series and it’s always a pain finding another series to fill in those fresh book holes that were routinely filled by I could always count on to entertain.


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