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  1. You really ARE a TV geek. But thanks. I watched the title sequence for It Takes A Thief. And if there’s anybody out there too young, and who only know Robert Wagner from the Austin Powers movies, this guy–and this show–was way cool.
    Or at least it was to me when I was a kid.
    Mark Terry

  2. Oh man, Chris, are you in for a treat! And the 2nd season intro on YouTube is the edited version for synidcation. The full length version has a much cooler bass intro!
    Here’s hoping when the DVD’s come out, the 2nd season will be intact!
    (And yes, Tod, we’ve always known you were the Cool One…..)

  3. The David Grusin theme for IT TAKES A THEME (all three or four versions) are among my favorite TV themes of all time. I also love his theme for THE NAME OF THE GAME.
    And IT TAKES A THIEF was very cool in its day…I haven’t seen it in years. I remember it seemed very dated and had a real “Universal Studios backlot” and soundstage feel to it (then again, all shows of that era, including Star Trek, did too).

  4. Do TV shows even have themes anymore? I think the networks made a huge mistake when they started elminating them a few years back. The extra 15 seconds of commercials can’t be worth it. For so many people, the theme songs and title sequences defined the shows.

  5. Lee Goldberg wrote: The David Grusin theme for IT TAKES A THEME (all three or four versions)….
    Lee, I’ve got Grusin’s 45 arrangement, John Gregory’s, and Willy Crook’s cut. Is there another?????


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