Blow Job Empowerment

Author Meg Cabot doesn’t understand why some girls think that giving blowjobs is empowering.

In “The Notebook Girls,” the allegedly
“real” notebook kept by four teens who attended Stuyvesant High School
in New York City, we are repeatedly told how “empowering” blow jobs
are…which left me wondering, as always, what’s so empowering about
giving sexual pleasure without receiving any in return?

It’s a question she tackles in her new book QUEEN OF BABBLE.

(That’s to Sarah for the heads-up…no pun intended).

12 thoughts on “Blow Job Empowerment”

  1. what’s so empowering about giving sexual pleasure without receiving any in return?
    Maybe the knowledge that with one quick clench of the jaws…

  2. It’s basically the same trick Republicans used to convince people living on minimum wage that slashing taxes on the super-rich and abolishing the estate tax would be good for them somehow.

  3. Have had this conversation a few times recently…
    A guy will give over his car, his house, his bank card details, basically his life, to a woman who gives him good head.
    It’s not all THAT unbalanced an issue, either: Women are perfectly capable of ignoring all sorts of relationship or personality defects for a man that’s willing to spend some special time with her special friend.
    And of course it’s empowering: She can totally control the physical and emotional response of the man for the duration of the event… it doesn’t even take all that much work, I’m guessing. How ISN’T that power?
    Meg Cabot has assumed that all there is to a sexual act is reciprocation of sexual pleasure… it’s a bit of a wild simplification of a pretty complicated affair!
    (Oh, you know, plus, totally agreed on the “jaws” thing… there are teeth!)

  4. It’s basically the same trick a Democrat President used to convince people living on minimum wage he understood their pain, and that it sucked.
    (Well, makes as much sense as Bigby’s post, huh?)

  5. Isn’t it enough that it feels good and takes no effort of the man’s part? Can’t a woman provide that little perk without someone making a political or sociological issue of it? Is nothing sacred?

  6. I actually addressed that exact topic when guest-blogging on my friend, Kyra’s, blog ( The gist of which was:
    So. Let me get this straight: Modern day high-school girls, raised by feminist mothers, in a society of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and Maureen Dowd, these middle-class, white girls are poor, shrinking violets unable to make up their own minds as to whether they wish to engage in sexual acts? And if they do, it’s only because they were peer pressured into it?
    If a girl gets her self-esteem from having the best grades in school, that’s reason to cheer. But if a girl gets her self-esteem from being the one every boy in school wants to date, well, then, she just doesn’t know any better? Why is it okay to get praise for your soccer-playing abilities, and not for your blowjob abilities? They both require practice and skill.
    Is that what feminism was all about?

  7. //Coincidentally, BLOW JOB EMPOWERMENT also happens to be the title of my next DIAGNOSIS MURDER novel.//
    Why is it all I can think of right now is Dr. Sloan’s forensic explanation of this? “Based on the angle of the jaw and the amount of fluid found, I’d have to say we’re dealing with an extremely experienced individual….”
    Now, if I may steal outright from Chadwick, work in Cordell Walker and some ninja-cheerleaders, and you might be on to something…..

  8. Thingies

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