Greetings from the tiny village of bois-le-roi france, where i am visiting my mother in law. She has no internet acess or even a computer, so I am attempting this post with my blackberry (thank god there is cellular coverage here or I’d be cut off from the outside world). FAST TRACK wrapped on Sunday (the day was spent  on second unit and insert work). The wrap party went into the wee hours of Monday morning and then I hit the road to France with my family. We stopped in Heidelburg, Nuremburg, and Strasbourg among other places along the way. It was nice, but I was exhausted. I have been sleeping a lot the last few days (about 10 hours a night!) and going on long walks, thinking about the next monk book. I am trying to relax a bit but it is taking some effort. I am eager to get in the editing room..but I have to wait for the director’s cut first. I haven’t read a book in ages, so once the monk outline is done, that’s next on my to-do list.

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  1. Was raised dependant son of an Air Force Sergeant and attended cours ‘Elementaire 2’ with Mons. Coiffard, and cours ‘Moyen 1ere and 2iem’ with Mons. Rommily at l’Ecole de Garcons at the Commune de Bois-Le-Roi where we lived as family for 4 years Spring 1955 thru Sring 1959. Last visit 1975. Was sick over the holidays first semester in 1955, and spent time in bed rehearsing lines from the Christmas play, even though in chorus committed who play to memory. Next week a few days before the play, when Monsieur Coiffard, discovered the lead Pere Noel did not know his lines, he asked despairingly in a way only the French know how ‘Does anyone know his lines’ timidly I raised my hand, and he kept repeating, you, you, you know the lines–you? I nodded. He gave me the shot, I sang and acted the role flawlessly, got the red suit and beard. Pleasant memories there. Nonetheless he kept hitting me up for cartons of ‘Camels’. Surprized that village still at pop. 6,000. Was spruced up from 50’s recollection, imagine more so now. If you have the chance, hike the trails in the foret…it’s amazing! If you have had a chance and it’s not over already, most likely so, the next village over, Samois, has the Django Reinhart festival. A feast for the ears. Au Revoir — Robert

  2. Mon nom est jeanne Barnedes Skeen, epouse d’un Americain George Samuel Skeen, decede dont j’ai fait la connaissance en 1956 a Fontainebleau, mes parents “Barnedes” habitaient Bois le Roi.
    J’habite la West Virginie a Bluefield depuis 1958. Mes parents sont decedes, mes freres habitent Pres d’Amelie les Bains en France.
    Je visite la France tous les 2 ans, et a chaque fois, j’ai demande leur aide bien avant la mort de mon mari qui etait d’accord de m’aider a trouver mon ami d’enfance Guy Andre qui habitait Brolles, il ne me prene pas serieusement, lisant your post I wonder if you could help me, la Mairie de Bois le roi ne pouvait pas. Il s’est marie je pense en 1958 et aurait 73 ans 1/2. La maison de ses parents vendu je pense maintenant en bas de la gare.
    merci de tout coeur , Jeanne Skeen.


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