I found an Internet cafe in  Fontainebleau, so I can finally connect to the outside world. My novel MR. MONK AND THE TWO ASSISTANTS comes out on Monday, but I have already started receiving emails from people who bought the book as early as last Thursday. I look forward to hearing your comments about it!

This is the first book I’ve written that I  haven’t been around to see published…so  if you want to send me pictures of the book on display at a store near you, I would appreciate it. That way,  I can vicariously enjoy the feeling of publication. I will post some of the photos here.

5 thoughts on “Civilization”

  1. A quesion for you. I know you ‘adore’ Randy, but how does Natalie feel about him? (You’re her, right, so get insider her head and let me know…Please.


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