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MR. MONK GOES TO THE FIREHOUSE is a January pick of the Mystery Guild, which is offering members a hardcover edition of the book. When I was a kid, I was a member of the Literary Guild and the Mystery Guild and couldn’t wait for the new catalogs every month. And when those boxes of books arrived, it was like Christmas. Of course, now I collect first editions and I’m not interested in book club editions, but back then it was the only way I could afford new, hardcover titles.

6 thoughts on “Book Club Pick”

  1. A number of years ago I tripped across hardcovers of Sue Grafton’s first 6 or 7 books and bought them for about a buck apiece. I realized a little time later if these were first editions they were worth a chunk of money–I knew next to nothing about collecting. Alas, they were all book club editions, worth, well, about a buck apiece.
    That’s okay, though. I collect books to read them, and they’ve given me much more pleasure than a buck.

  2. Finished “Monk Goes to the Firehouse” at 2.21 a.m. January 4th. Well done, sir. Well done. Okay, maybe except for Natalie’s first impressions of the hunky fireman… clearly written by a man! Enjoyed the book anyway. Can’t wait for the next.


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