Ships That Passed in the Night

I spent way, way, way too much time last night browsing through Mark Evanier’s remembrances of old Los Angeles restaurants that are no longer around, like Ships, Chasen’s, Zucky’s, and Bit O’ Scotland. He doesn’t include one of my old favorites (unless I missed it in my bleery-eyed haze) The Cock ‘n’ Bull, the upscale buffet on Sunset that is now a Jaguar dealership…but I’m sure he will get around to it.

5 thoughts on “Ships That Passed in the Night”

  1. Man, this post is making me hungry. I just checked out the site and hadn’t realized that some these are gone. THe Cock n Bull was great. There was another place across from the old Ambassador Hotel that I went to that had great food, 100 year old waitress with attitude and bar that had whatever you wanted to drink. For the life of me I can’t think of its name.

  2. Ah, Chasen’s! How I miss that place. It wasn’t just a movie star hangout-the food was superlative. I remember a night when Gregory Peck was at the next table and…well, nevermind. But at least I’ve got their famous Chili recipe that Liz Taylor loved.

  3. SHIPS and I were like two ships that passed in the night… (see that cool writer thing I did there?)
    I will always miss 2am eggs and taters, toasting my own English muffin at Ships.


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