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I wandered into a used bookstore in Ventura today and was delighted to find a handful of Clifton Adams westerns in mint condition…and for only a buck or two apiece. My finds were A NOOSE FOR DESPERADO (a spare copy, since I already have one in not nearly as fine condition), THE LAST DAYS OF WOLF GARNETT, HARD TIME BUNCH and BADGE AND HARRY COLE. Ed Gorman and Bill Crider have both recommended Adams, and particularly the two DESPERADO books, to me before, so I’m glad to add these to my collection.

When I got home, I was pleased to discover that several Harry Whittington books I’d won in various ebay auctions had arrived… they included DRAWN TO EVIL,  HEAT OF NIGHT, LISA (written under the pseudonym Hallam Whitney) and GODS BACK WAS TURNED.

I also finished reading JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR. NORRELL and I heartily recommend it.  The 800 pages just fly by… as if by magic.

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