I’m gonna be scarce around these parts next week… I’m heading off to Bouchercon , the world mystery convention, in Toronto on Wednesday morning and will be staying up there until the 12th. Toronto is also where we shoot “Missing.”

If you’re attending, I’ll be on the Page & Screen Panel at 3-4 pm on Friday, Oct 8th I’ll also be attending the Mystery Writers of America reception at 5:30 pm. And I will be keynote speaker at the Sisters in Crime Breakfast benefitting Metro Toronto Literacy project at 7:30 am on Saturday, Oct. 9th, in room 107. Sara Paretsky will be the host.

6 thoughts on “Bouchercon”

  1. If you’re attending, I’ll be on the Page & Screen Panel at 3-4 pm on Friday….
    And where will you be if we’re *not* attending?
    Okay, sorry, it’s just pent-up frustration from all the times a waiter has said, “My name is Mark if you need anything” and I’ve had to bite back the urge to say, “And what is it if I don’t need anything?” lest he do something unspeakable to my food.
    Are you sorry yet that you told me about the blog?

  2. The sad thing about this Bcon is that I won’t have the chance to heckle Stuart Woods when he badmouths all the writers he shares a panel with.
    Ah, well, maybe I’ll go to Left Coast this winter. In the meantime, I’m loading up on Canadian beer before I come back. Woo hoo!

  3. Lee,
    Take me in your suitcase and I can be your personal biographer and photographer (Schlep, for the rest of us.
    Jan, glad you found the blog and it was fun touching bases with you at the WeHo festival.


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