West Hollywood Book Fair

I spent the day yesterday at the West Hollywood Book Fair and had a great time talking shop with my friends Steve Cannell, Gar Haywood, Ian Ogilvy, Nathan Walpow, Michael Mallory, John Morgan Wilson, Denise Hamilton, Gregg Hurwitz, Bill Fitzhugh, Jerrilyn Farmer, Bob Levinson, Barbara Seranella, Lee Lankford, Gary Phillips, Randy & Jean-Marc Lofficier and Peter Lefcourt.

I also ate a couple of Joanne Fluke’s cookies and talked with lots of mystery fans.

That said, I think I sold a grand total of four books. Most of the other authors I talked to did about as well…or worse. It was strange…the fair was packed, but people just weren’t buying books. Several of the booksellers I talked to were also disappointed.

The only only authors who seemed to draw crowds were Clive Barker and Pamela Anderson’s breasts.

2 thoughts on “West Hollywood Book Fair”

  1. Lee,
    As always, I have the pics for those rave crowds. For the rest of us who were there for the erudite presentations, I have those pics too. Let’s see, it was me, and uh….you’ll get the picture.
    Lee Great panel. I now know that if I was to pitch a script to Cannell, its 4 pages and some dialog or I’m out of luck. I think I’ll write a treatment for CSI: Scriptwriter!

  2. Sorry you didn’t sell more, but glad you had fun. Wish I could have been down there to heckle you myself, but I had too much else going on yesterday.


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