Bouchercon Day 2

Another hectic, wonderful day…

The only panel I managed to attend was my own… where I discussed writing for books & TV with Paul Guyot, Rick Copp, and Jeffrey Cohen. We got some great questions from authors in the audience, who included Christopher Rice, Hal Glatzer and Kathy Brandt.

I had breakfast with the dashing and witty Bill Fitzhugh, then I spent the morning chatting with authors Lewis Perdue, Victor Gischler, Giles Blunt, Harley Jane Kozak, Lono Waiwaiole, Denise Hamilton, Katy Munger, Jason Starr, Jacqueline Winspear, Walter Sorrells, Barry Eisler, and one-half of the writing team of PJ Tracy, among many others. I talked to a lot of readers/fans… and discussed our favorite mystery novels. Margery Flax from the MWA head office stopped by at my signing to tell me how much she’s been enjoying my Mom’s blog… and what a difference it has made for a relative of hers who is also going through chemotherapy treatment. I also met the young woman who won the auction for lunch with me… and to have her name used as a character in my next book.

I snuck away at noon for lunch with my agent, then returned in time to do my panel. I spent a lovely hour or so afterwards chatting with Krys S., the founder of the Diagnosis Murder Appreciation Society (her last name is long and impossible to spell… and since I don’t have it written down here, you’ll just have to settle for “Krys”). We talked about the show, the books, and what’s up with all the fans here and abroad. I popped into the MWA reception, where I schmoozed some more (and shared “broken arm” stories with Michael Connelly, who broke both wrists when he was a teenger) before going out to a dinner organized by my publisher for their authors (where I foolishly shared all the anecdotes I planned to tell at my Sisters in Crime speech tomorrow).

I just straggled back in at 12:30… again… and have to get up at 6 a.m. for my breakfast presentation with Sara Paretsky for Sisters in Crime…ugh. I’ve set the alarm and have asked the front desk to call me twice to make sure I don’t sleep through my own speech!

2 thoughts on “Bouchercon Day 2”

  1. Keep those posts coming from Toronto, Lee. A few of us stayed in the U.S. and you are our only news source in the eye of the storm.
    The other Lee

  2. Lee, your breakfast presentation was “alarmingly good”!
    I can’t think of a better way to wake up then through
    laughter…with of course a hearty cup of coffee in hand.
    My name is not that “impossible to spell”…just randomly pick half the letters of the alphabet and your bound to spell it correctly. 🙂


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