The Mail I Get…

The networks are run by space aliens….and this man is ready to expose it:

My TV Program Flattened the WTC, Oh, the power of the media or did I piss of the aliens?

I am a celebrity publisher and former NASA scientist that has been censored and exiled. I would like to produce and star in an investigative tv series that is a combination of “Geraldo” meets “The X-Files”.

If you want to get involved in this series and you are not afraid of the alien race then contact me.

Sincerely Yours,

Wayne E. Manzo,
Publisher, Human Rights Leader, Scientist

So, if Space Aliens are running network television, why didn’t Gary Coleman ever get another TV series?

3 thoughts on “The Mail I Get…”

  1. Up until now, I thought your “Annie Wilkes” story was the scariest anecdote you told this week. This is scarier, esp. if he really did work for NASA.
    (And if he didn’t, just send him a tin foil hat and tell him you can’t help because you have important work to do.)
    Jim Winter
    Ambassador to Klezab 9 and covert chairman of the Trilateral Commission

  2. I encourage everyone to google the gentleman in question…of special interest is his Linda Evangelista page where he posits that she’s actually several different alien beings…or read his X-file script, all about his own life!

  3. It gets even scarier when you find
    out that I have been abducted by the
    Fed-Klan-Aliens here in Ohio who are
    keeping me on the streets of Columbus and
    when you find out that the Structural
    Engineers of the WTC were: John’s Killing,
    Columbus, Christ, Hell? Hmmmm? A Japanese
    man designed the building and kamakazes
    took it down. Also, the flight from
    Newark was supposed to crash into the
    Lewis Research Center. Instead, they
    landed at Hopkins and the passengers were
    taken(?) into Lewis. Hmmm? Why would
    they want to crash into little ol Lewis?
    Anyway, as a celebrity publisher and
    the only man on Earth who sued Madonna
    in Federal Court(Madge is Fed-Klan),
    and the only former NASA scientist
    who is being kept a hostage on the
    streets of Columbus, why not start
    a campaign to get me into a tv studio
    so I can do a reality show about my
    Also, my Apocalypse Now 2006: Martian Law
    script is pretty good? No?
    Does Coppola know about this?
    From the Columbus Hive where these fakes
    are not fooling no-body,
    Wayne E. Manzo,
    Publisher, Human Rights Leader, Scientist
    And about Vornado buying Toys-r-Us?
    Somebody better stop them before they
    buy Manhattan!


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