“Charles Manson Calling, Will You Accept the Charges?”

Twice in the last two days I've received automated calls from Global Telelink Advance Pay Authorization Payment Services asking me if I would accept collect calls from the Pritchess Detention Center, East Facility. Obviously, I hung up…but I have to wonder, how did those prisoners get my number and what makes them think I'd let them make calls on my account?

3 thoughts on ““Charles Manson Calling, Will You Accept the Charges?””

  1. They get your number easily enough, and all calls from the slammer are collect. This fact is often overlooked in movies where they have prisoners making calls from the Princess Rotary Dial phones or Garfield touch tone phones in their prison cells without having to go through an operator. As for Charles Manson calling — he primarily calls the author of CHARLES MANSON NOW. Great guy (the author)who was on my show not long ago.


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