Cherry Picking the Truth

Reporter Nikki Finke nails the Los Angeles Times for not revealing key facts in their recent story about Cindy Garvey’s claim against studio chief Ron Meyer, who allegedly hired now-imprisoned celebrity private eye Anthony Pellicano to intimidate her into withdrawing claims of abuse.

Specifically, I have discovered that the newspaper chose not to publish
that Garvey has accused four ex-boyfriends of domestic violence against
her. In each case, her allegations of domestic violence took place
after the men had broken off their romantic relationships with her; her
charges were dismissed or recanted or not pursued by her or authorities.

Finke’s detailed investigation is pretty incendiary stuff. It will be interesting to see how, or even if, the Times responds.

1 thought on “Cherry Picking the Truth”

  1. Not that this excuses the Times for leaving out certain facts, but after reading the article linked above, I have to wonder what axe Finke has to grind. Although it’s noted in her article that Truhan has gone back to her maiden name, Finke refers to her throughout the piece as Garvey. She also, in the couple of cases when she uses a given name, refers to her as Cyndy, not Cynthia (which may seem a small distinction to some, but it isn’t). Then there was this: She sued under the name “Cynthia Truhan.” Well, yeah. But since that’s her real name, not some pseudonym she adopted for the lawsuit, why the quotes?
    Like I said at the beginning, none of this excuses the Times, but it does make me wonder if there isn’t more going on with this article than meets the eye.


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