Coincidence…or an in-joke?

Someone wrote to me today:

Last night on GREY’S ANATOMY, Dr. McDreamy’s former best friend, the plastic surgeon who had an affair with McDreamy’s wife, showed up. Guess what his name  is? Dr. Mark Sloan.

I wonder if he solves crimes, too, and has a 40 year old son who still hasn’t left home. I haven’t seen the episode yet — it’s waiting on my Tivo.

2 thoughts on “Coincidence…or an in-joke?”

  1. I won’t say anything about the character until you’ve seen the episode, but if “Dr. Mark Sloan” appearing on “Grey’s Anatomy” was an intentional in-joke, shouldn’t the set-up for that joke be obvious to someone?
    Do you know episode writer Krista Vernoff, director Rob Corn or story writer Mimi Schmir; do you know any of the “Grey’s Anatomy” producers who might have some control over characters’ names?
    Do you have some connection or have you made some reference to “Charmed”? Eric Dane (actor who portrayed Mark Sloan on “Grey’s Anatomy”) appeared in a few episodes of “Charmed” (one of which Krista Vernoff wrote, plus, Ms. Vernoff was also a producer on “Charmed”). Oooh, I need to get a life …


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