Levine Levity

My friend Paul Levine talks about his new book DEEP BLUE ALIBI for Penn State Live. You can get a feel for the lively banter in his SOLOMAN AND LORD books just by reading the interview.

Newswire: You write legal thrillers, but your lawyer-protagonists, Steve
Solomon and Victoria Lord, don’t spend that much time in court. Why is

Levine: Where would you rather be, in a stuffy courtroom, or
on a beach in Key West?

* * * *

Newswire: One reviewer called your books: "Carl Hiaasen meets John
Grisham in the court of last retort." Fair assessment?

Maybe. I bring humor to the legal system because I see so much that’s absolutely
nutty there.

Newswire: In "The Deep Blue Alibi," there’s a chapter
at a Florida nudist resort. Is it fair to ask how you researched the

Levine: Like Jackie Chan, I do my own stunts.

* * * *

Newswire: What advice would you give any young grads who want to break
into Hollywood?

Levine: Marry a blood relative of Jerry

Newswire: Lacking that, when aspiring authors or
screenwriters sit down at the computer, what should they be

Levine: Ransom notes, maybe…

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