Comment Spam

Because I have been swamped with porn spam over the last few days, I am reluctantly forced into delaying the posting of comments pending review.  Have no fear — I will continue to allow posts that harshly criticize me, my opinions, and my general lack of talent. I’m only going to delete the spam.

Hopefully, Typepad will soon upgrade their "comments" feature to better filter out the spambots (though I understand that people posting comments through AOL hit a Typepad security filter).

3 thoughts on “Comment Spam”

  1. Does Typepad offer any kind of “key the letters in this image” Turing test for comments? Do they allow you to add MT-Blacklist to your site? Do you have access to rename your comment script? I’m guessing not, given the community platform on which Typepad is running.

  2. They do have that “key letter in this image” thing, but it only pops up when you access my blog through AOL. I don’t have a clue why. There is no toggle for me to activate it myself for all comments. I wish there was!


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