8 thoughts on “Next Week’s Episode”

  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that kids today will find Jay-Z a wee bit more compelling as a soundtrack than Jan Hammer. On the flip side, I am now going out to purchase a white sport coat.

  2. Actually, back in the day, the Hammer soundtrack was about as “compelling” as there was out there. It spawned a ton of sound-alike recordings, and sold millions.
    I loved Vice. I think it truly one of the most revolutionary series of the past thirty plus years.
    But from what I’ve seen and heard about this movie… well, I’d rather watch the dvds of the original series than sit through this 100+ minutes of typical 21st century filmmaking.

  3. I think it could still be compelling. Besides the Linn drums, it doesn’t sound dated. A new drum track, a more current, crunchier distortion on that Moog lead, maybe a little EQ for low end, and it would kill.
    Oh well.

  4. I made this comment over on John Rogers blog, but it bears repeating. MI-3 is not Mission Impossible. It is Tom Cruise masturbating cinematically. It totally ignores the Unique Selling Point thayt was MI.
    Miami Vice, I’m afraid is in the same sinking cigarette boat.


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