Crime Scene Picket

I just got back from picketing in the rain with hundreds of myPc170278
fellow TV crime writers and the casts of their hits shows outside the headquarters of the AMPTP, which we wrapped in crime scene tape. It was a terrific event that once again demonstrated how amazingly unified and determined the Guild is. The AMPTP has greatly underestimated our dedication to our cause. It was also great to see so many supporters from SAG and the DGA, as well as novelists like Michael Connelly from the Pc170285
Mystery Writers of America and Christa Faust from the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. Celebs included the stars of NUMBERS, CSI, THE UNIT, RENO 911, BONES, and DEXTER and showrunners like Carlton Cuse (LOST), Shawn Ryan (THE SHIELD), Rene Balcer (LAW AND ORDER) and Naren Shankar (CSI). And there were mobs of reporters there as well, so I’m sure we got a lot of press out of the event.Rabkin_and_robert_patrick
(Photos 1. The AMPTP wrapped in crime scene tape. 2. Me and Michael Connelly. 3. CSI’s Marg Helgenberger and Rene Balcer read the indictment against the AMPTP. 4. William Rabkin and Robert Patrick from THE UNIT.Pc170281 5. Striking Writers and actor Keith Carradine listen to speakers.)

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  1. The studios and network production companies will cave in soon. If they don’t, network programming and feature filming will be in the hands of bright new startup companies funded by venture capitalists, all of which are willing to pay writers what they richly deserve. Adios, old-line companies, such as MGM, Paramount, Universal, and Columbia. Adios, network companies. If the moguls stay rigid, it’s all over for them.

  2. I am amazed at the resilience and determination that the writers have exhibited thus far considering how difficult it is to sustain a successful strike these days. Does the guild have a strike fund you know if the guild has a strike fund? I guess it must be tough for some of the writers at the bottom of the pay scale but, then again, caving in to the networks is far worse for the long-term health of their trade.


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