4 thoughts on “What Would Happen if NBC Hired Fanficcers to Write “The Office””

  1. Lee,
    It’s amusing, but it should have been a 3:1 ratio of women to men. We still outnumber the male population in terms of media fen; guys seem to be a lot more into role playing games.
    I realize you don’t think much of anyone who writes fanfic, but please know that many of us do stand in solidarity with the WGA.
    It’s just sad that besides being viewed by you as low-life thieves, you also see us as SCABs, which, for me, is personally more insulting than any invectives you’ve hurled over the years.
    Anyway, Happy Festivus and best wishes to you and Tod for the New Year.

  2. Well, if the shoe fits, wear it. I feel sorry for fanfictioneers, and don’t see why they’re standing in solidarity. Imagine how dismayed they’d be if writers actually went after them for copyright issues.

  3. Lee, thanks for blogging my video. I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    Pepper, a very good friend of mine who is a fanfic writer helped me with the script so that other fanfic writers would at least find a bit of realism while laughing at themselves. It was certainly not my intention to paint you as scabs. I’m sure there is some really well written fanfic out there. But let’s face it, it’s not a respected writing genre and there are many types of interesting characters who are into it. While much of the humor was at the expense the fanfic writers and their dorkiness and intensity, the real villain of this story is the network executive who has so little respect for professional writers that they think they could be replaced by some internet amateurs.

  4. “Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.”
    The shoe fits you better Rachel. Maybe you should wear it. Your comment was rude, unnecessary and unrelated to both the entry and the above comment.
    “Imagine how dismayed they’d be if writers actually went after them for copyright issues.”
    Not so much. Half the problem is that they don’t, and some don’t even care to.


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