Crime Doesn’t Pay

Variety reports that the ratings for the premiere of THIEF on FX were underwhelming, posting the network’s lowest ratings yet for the launch of a new drama series. This comes on the heels of the poor performance of the similarly-themed HEIST on NBC last week, despite a lead-in from LAW AND ORDER. Both shows track a gang of thieves as they prepare for a major score.

Debut episode [of THIEF] posted a 1.1 national rating/3
share and 1.4 million adults 18-49, putting it behind a new episode of
"The Real World" (1.3/3, 1.7 million). "Thief" tied in the demo with
Discovery Channel’s "Deadliest Catch," which aired at 9.

FX execs remain optimistic, pointing out that ratings for "Thief" are on par
with the most recent season of "The Shield" (2.8 million overall, 1.8
million in 18-49), which was considered a success by all accounts.
Six-episode series starring Andre Braugher as the leader of a
vault-robbing team also earned raves from critics.

1 thought on “Crime Doesn’t Pay”

  1. I liked “Heist” more than “Thief,” but I think that’s because I cared more about the characters. I also enjoyed the humor and irony. I felt like “Thief” was forcing its characters a bit too hard on me and it was too dark and dismal for my tastes.
    It could also be that the only reason I was at all interested in watching “Thief” is because Bitty Schram is going to be on it starting next week and I thought it was a good idea to watch the first episode.


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