CSI Goldberg

Today I am off to speak at the third annual Forensic Trends: Psychiatric & Behavioral Issues Conference in Las Vegas. The conference is supposed to tackle "current advances in forensic research and theory with subsequent translation into assessment strategies and interventions […]to produce the best possible legal and therapeutic outcomes for those encountering the medicolegal system." I think they invited me to speak by mistake. But I am looking forward to it… I had a great time faking my way through a similar conference in Pittsburgh two years ago. The topic of my presentation is How Fictional Detectives Solve Crimes, which they've billed as "a humorous, inside look at how authors and screenwriters craft their mysteries, bend the rules of science, and abuse their forensic and medical technical advisors to create entertaining crime novels and TV shows." It's a four hour drive from L.A. to Las Vegas, so I'm hoping that will give me time to figure out what I am going to say.

But this is also doubling as a research trip, since a chunk of my next book, MR. MONK ON THE ROAD, takes place in Las Vegas and journey there.  So au revoir, a bientot, see you back here soon.

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  1. I just want to tell you that I love every one of the Monk books. I have been buying them through the Mystery Guild, so, unlike many people, I own them in hardcover. In my case, this is GOOD, since, as soon as a new Monk is published, I begin at the beginning of the series and read them all over again before I read the new one. Thanks so much for the many happy hours of reading with which you have provided me.

  2. We live about 45 km from Lohr, and until now I hadn’t been aware that Monk was there in 2008! But I knew already that the Spessart is a dangerous place for people like him. In February we were at a restaurant (the Knöpphütte in Jakobsthal), where we had fantastic wild boar steaks. But the interior decoration! E.g. four wall plates with pastoral scenes representing summer, spring, autumn and winter – exactly in that order! I told my wife: Monk would have gone crazy here.
    Greetings from the Spessart!


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