4 thoughts on “TV Main Title of the Week”

  1. Remember it well! Every possible Cop Show Cliche in the world, ludicrous plots, ridiculous depiction of Houston as a city, but damn, it was FUN! The scene I’ll never forget was in the pilot, the Guys (who could not be more different in style, attitudes, etc…. how original) get into a fight at Gilley’s. Mickey Gilley himself takes the stage, lets loose with a double barreled shotgun into the ceiling, grabs the mic on stage, and yells, “This here’s between LeVon Lundy and The Yankee! Y’all back off, give ’em some room!” The Professional Yet Disparate Police Officers then proceed to beat the crap out of each other the length and breadth of the bar; trust me, that was one hell of a length and breadth to get beaten on. That place was huge.
    Never missed an episode, and I wish I’d kept some of the VHS tapes. Silly, ridiculous, and goofy as hell…. but a fun hour on a Saturday (?as I recall?) night….


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