There’s a fascinating article in this week’s Entertainment Weekly about CSI, focusing on how the original actors feel about the tense (and ongoing) salary negotiations and the multiple spin-offs. William Petersen is getting $500,000 an episode, Marg Helgenberger is getting $200,000 and George Eads, Gary Dourdan and Jorja Fox are getting $100,000. Only Petersen is happy about the paycheck… but they are all pissed about the spin-offs.

Helgenberger is equally tense: ”One moment you are on something inspired and innovative, and the next minute you are the quasi-blond chick on one of those crime-solving shows,” she says. ”I’m a little bit nauseous from having been force-fed some humble pie.”

The cast, despite the big paycheck, are getting creatively restless as well.

“I get really bored just having to hold the flashlight up higher — which is one of the directions I get.” [Helgenberger says] Petersen, naturally, is even more blunt: ”I try and stay awake, and for me, that’s fresh at this point,” he says sarcastically.

4 thoughts on “CSI: HOLLYWOOD”

  1. What effect does CSI:New York have on the original CSI show?
    Just stumbled across your blog and noticed that you write well and use spell check.
    Great blog!

  2. Actors biting the hand that feeds them. What about this surprises me? That’s right, nothing!
    I can see their point somewhat, but this attitude really bothers me. As soon as I stop enjoying the show, I’m going to stop watching just to spite them!

  3. Can be decent viewing at times – but really …. if you’re not happy with your job (even with a bumper paycheck) – then go find other work.


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