Dated Angels

My favorite jab at the new Charlie's Angels came from the New York Times:

ABC has marketed the remake with the slogan “These are not your mother’s Angels.” And that is certainly true — they are your grandmother’s Angels, throwbacks to an era when there was something contrary and cute about a woman with flowing hair and a lethal karate chop.

2 thoughts on “Dated Angels”

  1. Right.
    We’ve had Buffy, Xena, Alias’ Sydney Bristow, the girls of Dollhouse…girly girls kicking butt on TV has been happening pretty regularly for 20+ years now. They might as well just go ahead and do Fox Force Five as an actual television series (with Tarantino as the producer, natch). It’d be far more interesting than a remake of a TV series that was already remade as a couple of movies.


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