I'm always trying to juggle my family and work committments to figure out the best, and most productive, use of my time. Unfortunately, writing a post for my blog always ends up at the bottom of the list. It's not like I don't have things to say about television, publishing, or the writing process…or pet peeves to vent about, publishing scams to rant about or ridiculous emails to ridicule. My "For the Blog" file on my hard-drive is full of emails, links and tidbits. But between my deadlines, business meetings, and family obligations, I just haven't had the time to pay much attenton to this blog. I don't know how my friends Ken Levine and Bill Crider manage to post new material every day…  

2 thoughts on “Priorities”

  1. Your blog is always absorbing and we can always wait. Post when you can and we will be there. It’s a splendid blog and you live an adventuresome life which you kindly share with us. I abandoned mine when I realized I had nothing new to add to countless posts. In a world of cacophony, why add to it? And at a certain age, it befits one to live in quietness.

  2. No problem, Lee. It’s a joy and wonderment to get access to your window into Hollywood.
    This year has been a real bear for me, too. Lots of work piling up.
    Maybe this is a sign that, at long last, certain sectors of the economy are unfreezing and revving up. If you’ve got lots more to do, that’s a great sign, I think.


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